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Scraps of fabric for use in upcycling | Fabric Shops Online

Upcycling Fun with Thread and Loop

As one of the leading fabric shops online, the team at Thread and Loop are huge fans of upcycling, especially if you’re able to reupholster a piece of furniture rather than simply throwing it away! Upcycling is this century’s “make…

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spools of coloured cotton sitting on top of a scrap of fabric, like that you could get at an online fabric shop

5 Ways to Use Up Your Fabric Scraps

As an online fabric shop that carries such a wonderful range of plain and patterned fabrics, we here at Thread and Loop often find ourselves looking for ways to use up left-over bits of scrap fabric, as so much of…

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online fabric shop | Someone sewing with red wool | Thread and Loop

DIY Holiday Craft

Thread and Loop are a very proud and successful online fabric shop which supply a variety of different coloured and patterned fabrics which we specifically cater to meet all of our customers needs and desires. In the spotlight this week…

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Accent Pillow in 3 quick steps!

Thread and Loop is an online fabric supplier offering a variety of patterned, semi plain patterned fabrics and much more, all these products would be perfect to liven up your home. Keep reading to find out how to make your…

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Arts And Crafts Curtain Fabric Online

How To Transform Your Home!

Here at Thread & Loop curtain fabric online, we believe up cycling is an easy and creative way to fill your home with beautiful things. If a baking tin or tray becomes too old to use (or you’ve indulged in…

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An picture of two heart shaped lollipops on a plain background - as elegant and beautiful as our pick of top Valentine's fabrics

Valentine’s Fabrics – PVC, Upholstery, and More!

Thread & Loop are proud to be able to offer our customers a stunning variety of upholstery, PVC, crewel work fabric and more to help glam up your home; whether you’re using our fabric for personal projects or furniture renovation,…

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Fabric Supplier – Liven Up Your Kids’ Rooms!

Thread and Loop is an online fabric supplier offering a variety of quality upholstery, cotton, and polyester fabric for parents, crafters and hobbyists everywhere. We have to admit that we are exceptionally proud of our fine range of online fabrics,…

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5 Nature Patterns for Bringing Your Projects to Life!

As top class upholstery fabric suppliers, here at Thread and Loop we are passionate about providing the most exciting and beautiful fabrics for you to use in your projects or with our professional curtain-making service. Recently we’ve fallen in love…

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A picture of the year 2016 written in fireworks, set against the night sky

Curtain Fabric Suppliers: Be Bold in 2016

As top curtain fabric suppliers, here at Thread and Loop we love keeping up with the current trends of what fabrics people are proud to display in their homes, and we love to talk about them with you. Now that 2016…

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A red and orange decorated Christmas tree - an image to really get you in the mood for a festive fabric shop!

Festive Fabric Shop: Top Picks for the Holiday Season

As a leading online fabric shop, we here at Thread & Loop simply adore fabric – choosing which sorts to stock, picking out the right kind for different projects, and talking about them with our customers! We’ve also started to get into the…

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